Extraordinary customer moments. Made simple.

Powerful premium loyalty propositions for global financial services and travel brands

Effortless execution


In today’s complex world, simplicity stands out. Our solutions are beautifully easy to understand and manage.


We understand the value of speed-to-market and design technology from the ground up for rapid implementation.


Your brand and infrastructure are unique. We make things easy by adapting our platforms and services to your needs.

Global & local

We serve brands across 4 continents, understand regional differences and use insights across markets.

We believe that powerful loyalty propositions can be simple. That’s why our solutions are easy to manage and fast to deploy.

Selected Products


Currency Network

The industry standard for loyalty program interoperability.

Ascenda operates TransferConnect, the world’s largest hub dedicated to connecting major loyalty programs and favorite merchants to facilitate loyalty commerce.


Redemption Capabilities

Turning points into delightful customer moments.

Deliver magical moments for your members, with real-time redemption options that offer exceptional value - enabled by our global wholesale content network.


Points Engine

Secure and marketing-centric core rewards ledger.

Ascenda’s RewardsCore points engine is the immutable but lightweight ledger at the heart of your program. Designed from the ground up for powerful rewards offer fulfillment.